Unit Chief

MD Juan Carlos Segoviano Ramírez

E-mail: juan.segovianor@uanl.mx

Phone Numbers: +52 (81)1340-4370 extension 1766, +52 81 21 10 89 82 and +52 81 83 29 40 00

Unit Description

The Bioimaging Unit (UBI) is a Core Facility, offering its services and capacity to researchers interested in designing, developing, and implementing basic or applied research projects, as well as businesses which purpose is technological development and innovation in Life Sciences areas, Biomedical Sciences, and Medical-Clinical Sciences.

  1. Research:

Investigation Protocols, Consulting, and Involvement on the design and implementation of basic, clinic, and applied research in Morphology.

  1. Qualification:

Microscopy techniques: Bright-field, fluorescence, and confocal microscopy, laser micro dissection, electronic scanning and transmission microscopy

optimization on the obtainment, manipulation, and preparation of biological samples for in vivo microscopy and embedded tissues.

Acquisition of microscopy images

Image and 3D reconstruction Analysis

  1. Technology Innovation and Development

Design and Development of instruments and equipment for biomedical areas and microscopy.

Development and Innovation on methods and techniques related to microscopy.

The UBI has a physical and humane infrastructure, specialized in microscopy, to conduct:

  • Research stay and study periods
  • Relationship programs with companies
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate Thesis writing opportunities
  • Internships of many bachelor’s degrees, mainly those related to Health Sciences
  • Social Service

Equipment of tissue processing on paraffin and freezing:

  • Cryostat
  • Microtome
  • Automated equipment of Histological sections staining
  • Automated equipment of immunohistochemistry
  • Cell culture area

Microscopy Equipment

  • Stereomicroscope Stemi 2000c
  • Inverted Microscope Axiovert 40 CFL attached to a microinjector
  • Inverted Microscope Axio Observer D1
  • Inverted Microscope Axio Observer Z1
  • Inverted Microscope Axio Observer Z1 Apotome
  • Inverted Microscope Axio Observer Z1 LSM 700 confocal (monophotonic)
  • Upright Microscope Axio Imager LSM 710 NLO confocal (multiphotonic)
  • Upright Microscope Axio Imager LSM 710 confocal with incubation system
  • Inverted Microscope attached to a laser microdissection system (PALM)
  • Stereomicroscope Stereo Discovery V20
  • Electronic Scanning Microscope Neon 40 (used for processed biological samples and material)
  • Electronic Scanning Microscope Supra 40VP (used for biological samples without prior processing
  • Transmission Electronic Microscope Libra 120

MD Juan Carlos Segoviano Ramírez, Unit Chief

Medical Doctor, Master of Sciences with specialization in Morphology, PhD in Sciences with specialization in Immunology.

Full-time professor in Medicine School.

Member of the National Research System (SNI), from 2009 to 2012; Member of the Mexican Society of Histology (SMH), since 2013.

Accredited Evaluator (RCEA) CONACYT in Biology and Chemistry Area II (since 2010).

Member of the Sociedad Española de Histología e Ingenieria Tisular (Spanish Society of Histology and Tissue Engineering), since 2015.

Research Areas:

  • Immunomodulators Research concerning new immune response mechanisms
  • Physiochemical Methods of natural and tissue induced autofluorescence quenching on animals
  • Development and Innovation on tissue processing techniques

MD Jaime García Juárez, Visiting researcher

Medical Doctor and Obstetrician, Master on Sciences with specialization in Morphology, PhD on Sciences with specialization in Morphology.

Member of the National Research System (SNI level I), since 2007.

Full-time professor of the Medicine School.

Research Areas:

  • Pancreatitis animal model development
  • Research on the histopathological effect of dimer antraquinones

Postgraduate and Bachelor’s Degree Students:

M.Sc. Mayra González Vázquez, PhD Student in Sciences with an emphasis in Biotechnology (Biology School)

Daniel Fernando López Altamirano, intern of Social Service in Research (Medical School)

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