Department of Continuing Education

The Center for Research and Development on Health Sciences, through the
Department of Continuing Education, and operated by the Knowledge
Management Unit has as:


To prompt educational initiatives and support the development for tools, programs, and strategies to increase competence and knowledge in Health Sciences areas through proposals for continuing education that promote personal, professional, scientific, social, and technical growth in many related areas.


To take a stand as a place for service that promotes knowledge on a dynamic, innovative, and sustainable way. Responding with efficacy, efficiency, and promptness to the challenges of updated information in the area of Continuing Education.


  • To develop new strategies of implementation in continuous education programs regarding the necessities of the Scientific and University communities, focusing on Health Sciences.
  • To take part in the creation of knowledge development in scientific, productive, cultural, and social sectors.
  • To associate CIDICS with Professional Schools, and scientific and academic Institutions interested in strengthening the knowledge for research and development on Health.
  • To make CIDICS a part of the Continuous Education Programs through the use of new technologies and applications for education, whether it be on-site, semi-attendance, or distance learning.


  • To elaborate and propose strategies, planning, and actions regarding with the coordination, management, supervision, and evaluation of training activities and permanent education.
  • To establish procedures and norms for those interested in developing an educational formation, presenting proposals and continuing education programs.
  • To promote the development of a continuing and permanent education culture between all members of CIDICS.
  • To keep control and updated registration of continuing education activities.
  • To have coordination with scientific, productive, cultural, and social sectors with projects of continuing education update programs.
  • To guarantee the compliance of continuing education processes from the managers that coordinate and implement the programs.
  • Counselling for the design and planning of continuing education programs to members of CIDICS, as well as for those interested in imparting a continuing education program with an emphasis in topics related to Health areas.

Continuing Education

The different proposals for Continuing Education eligible for the department are:

Seminars – Workshops – Courses – Certificates

Downloadable Document: Introduction to Continuing Education CIDICS

Infrastructure and Facilities

Videoconference Room: Equipped with an interactive board, desk computer, Polycom videoconference equipment, audio system with 2 wireless microphones and speakers, work and meeting table, WIFI and 9 chairs.

Electronic Classroom: Has a capacity for 15 users and one exhibitor, 16 HP desk computers, access to the virtual library UANL, LAN internet and WIFI access, smart-lightning, 16 chairs, privacy, interactive board, remote control for projector and slides.


Lecture Hall and Multi-purpose Room: With 9 work tables, 36 chairs and a reading space with 10 sofas.


Multi-purpose Meeting RoomHas a capacity for 35 people, videoconference equipment, HP desk computer, electrical projection screen and projector, audio system, remote control for slides, executive chairs, 2 meeting tables and area with 2 desks for consumables.

 CIDICS Auditory: Has a capacity for 180 people, equipped with armchairs, wide halls for comfortable access, electronic installations to connect electronic devices, stave scenario, crystal podium for exhibitions and a crystal table for committees. The control cabin has Polycom videoconference equipment to control two cameras, projector, two HP computers, audio equipment, microphones, remote control for presentations, a space for the press, room for simultaneous broadcasts, decoration, and a space at the rear back of the scenario with two bathrooms and a meeting area or storage area.


M.P./M.Sc. Juan Manuel Saldívar Blanco

Phone Number: +52(81) 13-40-43-80 ext. 1739, 1785