The Autonomous University of Nuevo León, aware of its human and scientific vocation, rejoice with pride presenting to all members of this Center, University community, and the public, the artwork collection of the Center for Research and Development in Health Sciences (CIDICS).
All herein artworks are part of a permanent exhibition within the many areas of this Research Center. All pieces of artwork displayed here were created by artists of international renown, all of them native of this region of Mexico.

By clicking in one of the following images available, you can read information about its Author and display a better resolution of the image, all these images are currently present in our Research Center.

Virus del Nilo del Oeste

Metamorfósis – Eva Mitocondrial


Diagrama Esquemático Celular

Líneas de Investigación

Unidad Cósmica


Tierra de Corazones



El Asombro de la Humanidad