Knowledge Management Unit - Document Translation


The Document Translation Area is created to promote knowledge through languages, with a focus in Science and Research. Its main purpose is to provide quality scientific translation.

This Area is created as an integral part of the Center for Research and Development in Health Sciences (CIDICS) and the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), providing a unique service for Institutional, Public, and University communities.


To produce professional and quality translation for every person interested in counting with material in Spanish or English; thus, helping the development and reach of Science and knowledge.


To become a leading department in scientific and specialized translation. To provide high quality service to the scientific and student communities of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, and to the private and public sectors.


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    Research documents

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    Scientific articles and reports

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    Books or chapters of books, scientific and technical manuals or guides

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    Protocols, catalogs, brochures, etc.

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    Datasheets, technical specifications

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    Study programs, scholarly content

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    Clinical trials, essays

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    Scientific magazines and science journals


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Phone number: +52(81) 1340-4370 extension 1739

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