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The Center for Research and Development in Health Sciences through the Social Service Area and managed by the Knowledge Management Unit has as:


To offer the University community the opportunity to experience and test their knowledge through a Health Sciences focused Research environment on a realistic manner.

Here you can find general information on the registration process for your Social Service

Steps to register your Social Service online

During the Position election period do the following:

  1. Go to and click on the Servicios en Línea (Online Services), then log in on your personal SIASE account.
  2. On the left side bar is located the Servicio Social (Social Service) section, click on it.
  • Remember first to verify you information on the Datos personales (Personal Data) section. If you already have, continue on the Social Service section.
  1. A new tab will load; place the arrow on [Servicio Social] and select [Consulta de Plazas Autorizadas] (Authorized Positions consultation).
  2. Using the searcher, locate the places you are more interested in and select them; remember this is a pre-selection.
  3. When the date of definitive Position selection comes, enter the [Impresión de Boleta] (Form printing), also known as the Presentation Form, located on the [Servicio Social] sub-menu.
  4. Before printing your Form you must complete a brief survey.
  5. Once you already have your Form printed, you must present to an interview on the Institution were you’ll perform your Social Service, report with the Responsible of your Social Service Program.


  • Location: Center for Research and Development in Health Sciences
  • Program Responsible: MD Garza Garza
  • Department: Knowledge Management Unit
  1. If you’re accepted, your Program Responsible must sign with BLUE INK the Form and must apply a seal that represent the Institution. As a safety measure, we recommend to print, sign, and seal 3 original Forms.
  2. Afterwards you must sign in on your SIASE account and again, on the [Servicio Social] section, go to the [Confirmación de Plaza] tab and click on [Plaza Aceptada] (Accepted Position).
  3. Deliver your Presentation Form in no longer than 5 working days on your School.
  4. Once your acceptation is processed on the system, you must pay close attention when the Institution (like CIDICS, for instance) confirms your activity schedule. Said schedule should be discussed during your interview.
  5. Wait for the day to start your Social Service!


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